Mathematical Research Data

This is a repository of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig, dedicated to mathematical research data. Research data are all digital objects that arise during the process of doing research or are a result thereof. In particular, the purpose of this repository is to collect scripts and code, to explain applications of mathematical software, to showcase additional examples to paper publications, and more generally to host supplementary material developed for research projects or discussed in workshops.

This website is currently maintained by Tabea Bacher, Claudia Fevola, Ben Hollering, and Leonie Kayser. It was set up and curated by Carlos Améndola, Christiane Görgen, Lukas Kühne and Verena Morys, and Yue Ren and Mahsa Sayyary Namin from 2017 until 2022. You can contact us at mathrepo@mis.mpg.de.

MathRepo is in the process of transformation. We aim to restructure the repository so that its content meets the FAIR Principles for sustainable research. In the future, MathRepo will follow the guidelines developed by the Mathematical Research Data Initiative MaRDI.

How to contribute

The current standards and requirements for contribution are outlined in the Terms of Use page. If you fulfill the aforementioned requirements, please ask edv@mis.mpg.de for a login invitation and get started by following the instructions in the Readme on the on the MPI MiS GitLab page.