Terms of Use

This website is built on the MPI MiS GitLab. Currently, contributors are foremostly members of the Nonlinear Algebra group and their collaborators. Access can be obtained by informally asking for a local account.

The main criteria for material to be fit for MathRepo is that it is research data and that it is mathematics. Information on how to prepare new contributions for publication on MathRepo can be found in the Readme on the GitLab referenced above. That document and the Template contain the current standards for research-data presentation and metadata supply. Ideally, contributions are published together with a corresponding preprint article on arXiv, and these two sources reference each other. For citation of MathRepo content, use the direct link to an individual subpage. URLs will be stable for the forseeable future. For contributions which are larger than 1GB in size, please contact the MathRepo maintainers before creating a page. So far, for computations the programming languages that are used here are: GAP, Julia, Macaulay2, Magma, Maple, Mathematica, Matlab, Polymake, Sage, and Singular. The use of open source software is encouraged.

At present, there is no recommendation for a license statement for individual content pages of MathRepo. Contributors can for instance pick their own from this list https://creativecommons.org/about/cclicenses and state it clearly on their respective subpage.

The article “The mathematical research-data repository MathRepo” written by Claudia Fevola and Christiane Görgen and published in the Computer Algebra Rundbrief, No. 70, 2022, provides more background on this repository and outlines its past and future development. A preprint version is available on arXiv.

This page was created and last updated by Christiane Görgen in June 2022.