The Computational Complexity of Polynomial Subalgebras


This page contains auxiliary code to the paper:
Leonie Kayser. On the Computational Complexity of Polynomial Subalgebras
arXiv: TBA

Abstract. The computational complexity of polynomial ideals and Gröbner bases has been studied since the 1980’s. In recent years the related topic of polynomial subalgebras and SAGBI bases have gained more and more attention in computational algebra, with a view towards effective algorithms. We investigate the computational complexity of the subalgebra membership problem and degree bounds. We discuss the parallels and differences compared to the ideal world and also look at important subclasses of polynomials such as homogeneous or monomial algebras.

On this page you can find the Macaulay2 code to experiment with the binary counting homogeneous polynomial algebra.

This page is still under construction.

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