Multiplicity structure of the arc space of a fat point

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Rida Ait El Manssour, Gleb Pogudin: Multiplicity structure of the arc space of a fat point.

Abstract: Consider a fat point on a line, that is, the scheme defined by \(x^m = 0\). The algebra of regular functions on the arc space of this scheme can be represented as the quotient algebra of \(k[x, x', x^{(2)}, . . .]\) by all the differential consequences of \(x^m = 0\). While this local algebra has infinite dimension, it admits a natural filtration by finite dimensional algebras corresponding to the truncations of arcs. We prove the generating series of the dimensions of these algebras is equal to \(\frac{m}{1 − mt}\). This result is motivated by nonreduced version of the geometric motivic Poincare ́ series, multiplicities in differential algebra, and recent connections between the arc spaces and the Rogers-Ramanujan identities. In particular, we prove a recent conjecture of Afsharijoo about the initial ideal of the ideal of the arc space of a fat point.

This repository includes the code discussed in Section 5.

Our code is written in Macaulay2 (v1.18):


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