Jordan Algebras of Symmetric Matrices

This page contains supplementary code to the following paper:

Arthur Bik, Henrik Eisenmann, and Bernd Sturmfels: Jordan algebras of symmetric matrices
In: Le Matematiche, 76 (2021) 2, p. 337-353

In Theorem 2.7, we classify the unital Jordan algebras of dimension 3. We used SAGE to translate the Jordan axiom into conditions on the structure constants defining the Jordan algebra in certain cases.

In Example 6.10, we find the quadrics in dual Pluecker coordinates that vanish on the congruence orbits of the nets \(\mathcal{L}_1\), \(\mathcal{L}_2\) and \(\mathcal{L}_3\) from Example 6.9.

The output files of the computations can be downloaded here:




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